Goodbye August

Goodbye August

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


Goodbye August
September days are coming and the warm days of Summer will be gone.

I went to the willow trees and I said a silence prayer.

Lord of life and death.
Please help my world.
Send wisdom to our leaders.
Please allow the desire of love to overcome hate.
Please heal the sick people who need to be cured.
Please Lord.
Show people. Every life matters and each new day.
A opportunity to do something good.

I went to Port Austin. I watched the water dance on the shore and the children swimming. I whispered to the sky, the earth and the Lake Huron. Thank you for the good August. Thank you for my grandchildren and my family. Please lord of life and death. Allow the kindness of love and hope to make us understand. Love is life and life is love.

Grandma wisdom–Sweetness and sugar can fix a problem. Anger and violence lead to no-where. Better to listen and be kind. Life is hard enough already honey for the all of us.

Grandpa wisdom– Better to hold silence than say words that will cause separation. Negative words and actions do not help. Listen and pay attention to your friends and your family. Better to have a open door for the family and ensure your loved ones know. They have a safe place to come to.

Coyote wisdom– Guns, solders and bullets are not the way to peace. Send water, food and medicine. Human kindness can destroy years of hate and separation.

Coyote wisdom–One earth and one people. We must get along for the sake of the children. If we don’t stand together as one for peace and we did nothing. We accepted the scream of war and racism. A quiet voice and life. Accepted his world and left a mess for the children.

John Castellenas/Coyote