“Pain and lesson”

Pain and lesson

A thousand lessons deep. I learn too late. Hold silence and listen. I lost many upon the road of living. I wished too late. To left brothers with kind words. To stop and pay attention to family members lost in the booze and drugs. Their suicide left empty places in my heart and mind.

I learn too late. The value of words. I wish often to have held silence and left family and friend with better words. Today I wished I called dear father and grandparent more often. I wished I told people I loved. I love them and I was thankful for them.

Hurt and tears are part of us. Few have not tripped over foolish words and actions. Today I don’t seek forgiveness. I seek to be a better man. I try to hold silence even when I want to rip someone apart.

Today I do silence prayers.

Lord of life.
Give me patience.
Make me think before I speak.
Please lord of life.
Give the strength to be kind and know quiet when I want to speak negative words.
Please give me the strength to know love, kindness and forgiveness.

Coyote/John Castellenas