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My Samyra

Slip these locks
To breathe a sea of pines;
Their offering given in
One co-joined, unending sigh.
Though, from this height, thinner
Like my future self.
Unlike me, stoic and silent, enduring the dusting
Of snow.

My sun-touched skin gripped
In hands of night;
Caresses far too sweet, too soft to claim
I went along unwilling.
Baptized in the branding fire,
Swept feet in clenched sheets, then
Pumping brakes and I,
With no restraint,
Fly straight through the windshield;
The pavement, my father
Home from work, scraping
My face with his unshaven kisses.

Collected in solutions
For exhibit, for display.
Adoration marked in streaks of fingers
On the glass; counting my stamps
Of approval,
My timeless little testaments
Of worth.

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