To see you again

To see you again

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


See you again

I have become cold and lonely in life and heart again.
Life seem to have crumble into a millions pieces and I don’t care to repair.
Lonely road and dead-ends had left me in place of a shallow life.

Years ago, it was 1992 and the California Spring. Your kind smile and beautiful face came to me. You sat with me and we played a game of chess. I remembered you told me. Soldier, you need tender loving care. You need to forget the past. Let’s me and you go buy some whiskey and wine. Dance on the Monterey beach and leave the world behind.

Today the sea is far away and your memory lay heavy upon heart and mind.
I told you once. Love won’t forget. When I lose you, my butterfly dream. I will wish for you everyday of my life.
Today I write words for things in the lost and found.

Dear Beatrice
I remembered you my love.
We bathe in the quiet of the sea and soft whispered.
You were my savior and I was your Hemingway.
I was seeking the good death and you were seeking the perfect journey.
I remember holding you near.
Your face near my face and the softness of your skin against my skin.
Make me  want life, dance and journey with you.
Dear Beatrice. We roamed highway one for three months.
We sang song and danced on the empty beaches.
We honored love by holding tightly with restrains.
Today I wish for Big Sur and you.
I shall always love you Beatrice.

“A poet is one who believes and one who cannot bring himself to believe”  Tadeusz Rozeewics

I want to see you again. I need to remember the man who wanted the sea, the good drink and the dance by the midnight moon.  You told me once. The Hemingway life. Can be sweet and wonderful. Don’t live for death my Johnnie. Live for life.

Tonight I took my Grandsons to the lake.  We danced for the moon and I told the night stars. Thank you Beatrice. My savior, my sweet love. You taught me how to live and find peace in the shelter of confusion and disappointment.
John Castellenas/Coyote