“Coming home”

Coming home

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


You can’t come back from where you left. The road become twisted and we become confused.


Coming home

I sat in the plane from Philly.  Heading to a place I ran away from.
1000 days ago, I wanted war, new places and better ending.

The splendor was war wasn’t so sweet. New places were tempting and wonderful.
Now with the consequences of payment for my wandering heart. I came home to empty house and silence voices.

I attempted fate. Volunteering for war and distance places. I tasted the best wines, cigarettes and  liquors. The ambrosia of life to make me pretend I was free and alone.

Words from home make my drifting heart and soul learn. I had enough once. I have allowed my greed lead me to the madness. We are  interlaced by love and family. I learn too late. Love is not forever. Kind voices will leave us and we will wish to been with dear Grandparent on their old porch often, listening to story and tale of days gone by.

I was coming home. A final good-bye, my friend, my elders, dear grandparent. You taught my a final proper lesson. Love is everything and family is gold.

I stood by a lonely grave in my solitude. I fall to my knees and I prayed.

Thank you my teachers.
You taught me love and kindness.
I will remember you.
I will try to be like you.
Coyote/John Castellenas