“The world is crying” Written in 1980

The world is crying

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I found this poem in an old book. It is 37 years old.


             The world is crying

The world is crying.
Like a forgotten child.

Crying for all the sadness surrounding
every soul on this planet.

My world seems to have forgotten the
dream of peace.

Where all nations can live in harmony.

Where upon all human beings could  learn to cherish
all living life.

But the goal of peace are forgotten.
Men of war control the emotions of the world.

World War two is fading away.
World is falling back to fear and hate.
Talk of peace is gone and
only threats of war and destruction can be heard.

The day is here.
Where we are over taken by fear  and ghosts.
Now we must turn to tears.

Tears for the child and mother whom home was destroyed
in the way of war.

Tears for the Mother and Father waiting for their child covered
in a USA flag to be brought  home.

Starvation and sickness is running wild and millions are dying daily.

Where are the men of peace?

Can we stop the walk to our destined death?

7 April 1980