Venus, Mermaid

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Solitude In Silence

If you think I have lost it

let the mermaid, Venus,

Showering in her modest vanity,

Tell you my story:

Late that night,

I wrote on your beautiful soul.

Sure, I painted with blood,

But still with the clock ticking,

The strokes created profound

Meaning for our ruins,

An artistic masterpiece.

Then she chased me

Because the room was full

Of mirrors

And you admired yourself

So much,

You were willing to drown

Deep as the ocean,

Get past those sensual

Waves in the waters

And get to those voices of


Temptation and danger

Managed to overrule

The mesmerizing, elusive

Mystery in your heart.

Still, “don’t leave”,

I said.

Your dual nature,

Your melodious destruction

Of both our universes

Enchants me:

Because in your strangeness,

I still feel at home:

Yours is an unrivalled


Dearest mermaid.

~Maryum Khalid~

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