I will take care of you

I will take care of you

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


For my book


I will take of you-For Paloma

You will be never alone my love

Your face, your eyes and the motion of your body dancing to the sweet jazz.
Make me know and understand.
Sweet wine kisses and late night dancing alone.
You are my first wish and you are my last wish.
Dear Paloma.
Need no promises made and I whispered to you.
You will be never alone my love.


I will take care of you
Pretty dress, tempting smile and eyes of a thousand journeys.
You come to me and you embrace me tightly.
You whispered. I will take care of you Johnnie.
You have died and lived for me.
Now I will stand with you in the good days and the bad days.
You won’t be alone no-more.
We will cry together, laugh at the world together and find death together.
Dear Johnnie. I will take care you till I can’t no-more.
Love sweet, love hard. Love poisons and love lasting.
We have known everything and we have known nothing.
Please dear Johnnie. No more goodbyes. Just a million hello.

Johnnie smiled and soft tears fell and he whispered.
I will take care of you baby, sweetheart and my kind angel.
I love you Paloma.
John Castellenas/Coyote