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Looming over the fronds of my dole

I received the most exquisite premium of my life..

Buthis unforeseen disembarkation was when, the periphery of my heart got burnt….The fire to my love has blown off…The match to my finger got burnt…The book to my love got finished…


Neither did i cry

Neither did i smile

Neither was i angry

Neither was i mad ..
All i was ..was love

But you didn’t know that.. did you ?

Perhaps you did ..

Perhaps you tried ..

Perhaps we weren’t meant to be ..

Perhaps we will never be ..


I’m standing here emotionless..

I’m just roaming the earth in search of all your hopelessness..

Perhaps its loathsomeness that speaks ..

Perhaps it’s my hearts boastfulness ..

Perhaps .. Perhaps .


Perhaps I’ll cry once i don’t have you ..

Perhaps I’ll lie once i don’t have…

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