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Gently lay you lips on mine so I can taste your soul.

Then I will have a moment sweet, to treasure  and to hold.

For I know you in so many ways, yet still, I feel not whole.

So lay your gentle lips on mine, so I can taste your soul.

I’ve seen your naked heart, its goodness shining through;

In every little you say, and everything you do.

I’ve heard your thoughts from time to time, your wisdom deafens me!

That voice so clear and full of strength, just sent me to my knees.

I’ve inhaled your every scent, your sweetness seems to bloom.

I only need to close my eyes, to feel you in the room.

I’ve touched your flesh a thousand times, of casual embrace;

And every time, I’ve had to my longings in their place.

You see, I know you so complete, yet still I feel…

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