Make Me a Channel of Your Peace


A simple prayer


Please lord of life and death.

We need the gentle caress of hope and kindness.

My world had turn dark with violence and hate.

Good people were took from us and leaving us with sadness and regret.

Complete world need to learn.

We must stand for peace and non-violence.

Many tears and heartaches today dear lord.

Teach the leaders. This is one earth and one people.

A woman in Korea or a woman in England.  Are life baring and blessed women needed.

A child in Iraq or a child in Canada are lights of hope. Our future.

Please lord of life and death.

Many of us are confused.

Please send wisdom to our leader. Teach them to know peace, not war only.

Today I pray for the people of my world.

We may be different, far apart and believe in different Gods.

But we love our children and we don’t want our children to die in wars.

That no-one shall win.

Make this world stop. All people to stand as one.

Make the leaders lead with concern, kindness and love.

We don’t need walls of separation.

We need to grasp the hand of a stranger.

Tell them. You are loved and needed.

Please lord of life and death.

Stop the madness.

Allow the children to be children. Allow our children to become adults who don’t fight in wars.

Make the world power quit sending weapons of death to countries in chaos.

Send water, food and medicine. Kindness take down years of hate and separation.

John Castellenas/Coyote