“I want to see you again”

I want to see you again.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Good days become sweet dreams with time.


                  I want to see you again.

The powerful Pacific ocean hide the love stories of the fearless lovers.
I wandered the beaches of Monterey.
I looked at the faces. They are chasing ghosts of old lovers and sweet kisses.
Longing for the embrace of sweet lovers lost in time.

I sit with my sweet red wine and I  wandered to better days and beautiful faces.
I remember my beautiful Beatrice. She loved the sea and she loved me.
We would hold each other tightly and we listen to the music of the waves and the breeze.

The empty beach was our paradise.
We needed some wine and some blankets to protect us from the cold night.
I remember my beautiful Beatrice dancing alone with the ghost of unknown ghosts of the unknown past. She would bring me up and we would dance like free Gypsies with no fear of tomorrow or yesterday.

Beatrice told me. “Life isn’t a guarantee my love, so my friend. Drink the wine and lift the bottle of tequila. Drink to the new day. Drink to life and to chance. Let death wait awhile for us.”

I want to see you again. Sweet Beatrice.
You set a fire of hope in my mind and heart and I wish to dance under a full moon with you in my arms.
Drink some good wine and strong tequila.
Allow the ocean to keep us safe from the unclean world.

The moon is full tonight.
Many people watching the stars and the waves by the Seaside beach.
I’m Waiting for no-one and
I looked to the sky.
I prayed my Beatrice is alive and well.
Touched all her dreams and goals.

I would like to thank her.
Thank her for showing me love and kindness is the way.
Best day are free.
Sit by the sea with lovers and family.
Life is to be lived and enjoyed.


© 2013 Coyote Poetry