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Wanderings of a lost soul...

Embrace her

Not just her

Her scars too,

They are deep

Blood seeping through

Touch them

Touch her

She is numb

With all the pain

Recognise her

Her true worth

She is more than

Those scars

She kept holding onto

Make her alive

It’s not easy,

Her world is finished

You may be blurry

She can’t see

Nor she could hear

Grab her hand

Take her out

Away from Darkness

Into the light

Trust her

She will


And will shine

Her scars too

Entangle your hands

In hers

Move forward

Move ahead

Towards a new beginning

Of a story

Journey of her life

Scars will be still there

Wounds healed,

Make her proud of them

And not fear

Take her

To a place

Where she smiles

With all those scars

Seeing you

Embrace her

Yet again

Her smiles and her tears

Embrace her

Not just her

Her scars too.

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