Depression Series 2 #POETRY

Please read the work of a talented woman.

Tales of a Curious mind


In a world
Where depression is synonymous with evil spirits
Where many flee from your aura because they are afraid they will catch your “bad luck ”
They are too scared
Too afraid to breath in the negative air that engulfs your presence
Worried your vice may be contagious
That the nothingness you feel will spread

In a culture
Where people that shut out the world
lock their tears behind fortresses of strength are considered heroes
Where everyone is mimicking Superman
There is no room for weakness
No room to let the darkness in you glow
No safe place to place your crumbled pieces
No pillow to cast the weariness in your soul
People will say you have embraced the demons of the “white man”
Because its not African to drown in a despair you don’t understand
It’s not Black to feel like your soul was sore
To have wounds…

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