Flesh and blood

We are just bones/flesh and blood waiting to be turn to dust.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Why do we live? I believe a wise person lived celebrating every new-born day.


                             We are just bones/flesh and blood waiting to be turn to dust

Dust and bone we will become. One day your memory will fade away. We will become like dust in the wind. Become part of the earth once more. Forgotten?

Bloodless ghosts roam the ancient cities. Whispering I have lived and died. Don’t let me be forgotten. I told the ghost hunters. The good folks are gone. Only barren and lonely spirit are left upon this earth. Be careful what you find. Wandering spirits are not seeking God or the Devil. Just  some kind of peace not received in the life of the living.

Neither shade or darkness can hide the dark in heart and mind. In the end. You cannot hide what you are truly are. Demons and devils roam among us. Big smiles and false promises can trick the people blinded by lies and fairy-tales.

I believe they is justice in Hell for the ruthless and cold people. People who send young men to their death without real reasons. Hell is filled with lawyers. Politicians are lawyers painting  their pockets with money from the lobbyist.

I have learned. Wealth is not real joy without children to share with. Closing your eyes to war, hunger and the homeless won’t save our souls. I like the  saying.

“I want the good death.
A death with meaning.
Not to fall in some distance war.
To become old and weak dying helping the poor,
Cooking food for the homeless.
Seeing and trying to help my world.
A good life is when the word love is spoken often.
Children joy and happiness is your joy and purpose.
Giving what you can to the needy.
Don’t stand and wait to save your world,
Be active and part of this world.
Not a bystander waiting for death”

We are just bones/flesh and blood waiting to become part of the dirt.
We are born from the earth and she will accept us back.
Good folks don’t fear death. I stood with Grandparent at their death-bed.
20-30 people were there holding the hand of the departing Grandfather than Grandmother a few years later. They lived giving love to many. They died with love around them and near.

I tell people. Love many. Kindness bring kindness. Love bring love. Forgiveness brings peace. Salvation is known by wise people who knew. Can’t take your wealth with you to death. Better to have known how to show concern and be an open door for the family and friends in need.

Bloodless ghosts are left on battlefields. Graveyards of young men left upon distance shores. They fought the good fight and I believe. I believe there is places for old Soldiers like me. I will find my friends one day. Hear the laughter of fearless youth and loud voices. Don’t forget the brave men who fought for freedom and they gave all.

Thank you for reading. I hope you understood. Be wise in the people we trust. Listen to these so-call leaders. Know not guess who is in charge. Pray often. Tell your kids you love and need them. Be the soft hand in the cold world.

Coyote/John Castellenas