Damn those eyes

Damn those eyes

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Poem for a story


Damn those eyes

My life had no beginning, no ending till I saw you. You were so beautiful.
You made the drink taste bitter and my hunger to die.

Those kind and gentle brown eyes made me know some kind of peace.
I wanted only.
To have your eyes upon my face and to hear your words whispered to me in the darkness of the lonely night.

I asked you.
Are your my savior? Are you my siren to lead me to the dead seas of emotions?

I  told the Pacific.
Damn those eyes.
Damn her beautiful face.

I need you near.
I need you always.
Please my dear love.

Come with me.
Come with me to where lovers don’t lie.
Come with me where we are true and free.

Beautiful eyes of golden brown whispered.
Damn your sweet words.
Your words like sweet candy and dangerous hurricane.
Make me want to taste your salty skin and for us to find the utopia of love .
Where we cannot return.

You made great promises and maybe I just bewitched you and I’m just a wish of myth and tale.
Where love promises fade to nothing in the morning light?

I looked at her and I whispered to her.
Damn those eyes.
I rather live and die in those eyes.
I will take the chance and
if you are my savior, my murderer.
I accept the final journey.

John Castellenas