“A million stars to see”

A million stars to see my lover

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


All of us begin strangers. A wise man had many friends and family by his side.


(Live fast. Died young. Be wild. Have fun.   Lana Del Rey.)

A million stars to see my sweet lover

The sounds of the tropical forest is near.
Small shack hidden in the back of a lonely mountain.
The tropical night heat leave us hot and free of blankets.
The mosquito net is around us.
Protecting us from the bugs of the night.

Pretty dark eyes beauty whispered to me.
“We drank too much rum. The night is long. Look at the million stars above us.
So many we cannot count. What do two strangers do in the midnight hours?
Do we get up and dance or do we allow the night to lead us to places where
two people find salvation and peace in each other arms.”

I looked at the million stars lighting up the mystical night.
I looked at my erotic beauty. Long black hair flowing covering soft breasts and tender skin. I whispered to her. “Strip away our clothing. Strip away leaving nothing to hide. Strip me down to bare skin
where our two bodies are holding tightly and we become one.”

The gentle and soft breeze of the fan cool two bodies looking for some sort of peace.
Long sweet kisses lead to wild dances into passion.

The morning light appeared.
I touch my tropical princess from face to her  soft legs.
She smiled and asked. “Did you awake in a better place than you fell asleep?”
I brought her closer and whispered. Thank you.