Another face [autistic poetry]

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

the silent wave

(I wrote this in the summer of 1995, while listening to the soothing contemporary sounds of Canadian artist Mae More; she had just released her “Dragonflies” album and I was enamored at first listen, particularly the song “Watermark” (audio-only via MySpace, or another (better) audio-only source; just click on “listen” in the right column), which occurred when I was walking with my sister through a Calgarian mall, of all places.  Right there, amongst the walkways of Chinook Centre, came the sketches of what would develop into the following…PS: I was 17 then)

Another place, another time
Another face I can call mine
Another life I leave behind
Another future I hope to find
If I lose myself in yesterday
There’s no hope for change
I’ll keep killing off todays
Remaining out of range
Maybe someone will find me and care enough
To bring me back to reality and

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