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Piece by piece,

He unraveled my inner peace.

And all of these viscous, sharp words I hold in,

Cut at my soul instead of his.

He cast me as the queen,

Of his messed up fantasy.

I want the passion,

Man who can talk to me & really see,

Lately the apathy has been killing me.

The fiery rage spread through my veins,

It feels like if I touched him I could set him aflame.

You love me,

This is true.

But where do I come in with,

The habits, routines & addictions that you’re attached to?

I am the kindest kind of crazy,

My emotions eat me alive.

And my throat burned from all the fire,

I was too tender to speak.

I get discouraged because he doesn’t understand me,

But he says I am everything, then how could he?

Trying to connect with stone,


Doesn’t he want…

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