Standing Still

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Darrie Writes Here

standing still
i feel the entry
Poseidon’s sentry
covering my feet.

standing still
i shiver
in anticipation
it’s coming
for me

standing still
at my knees now
water’s rising
space that was once mine
is taken from me

standing still
i cannot fight

need to ignite
the fire
within me
move me
once again

standing still
won’t solve it
not in this fight

it won’t muster
what we need

standing still
at my chest now
water’s rising
Poseidon’s minions
they are winning

Am I
no need repleated
no wants gone heeded
because i’m

standing still

thoughts gone unbidden
gone un-sated

time to move on

time to choose one

you win or
lose one

cuz you’re


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