“In Monterey”

In Monterey

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Monterey is paradise. Old wounds can be closed and new hope can be born near the sea.


                            In Monterey

Dear Jenny, please come to Monterey.
Come walk with me on Fisherman Wharf.
Let’s drink Irish coffee watching the dancing waves.
Let’s find the lost love, try to rebirth the want and need we
once held so tightly.
Let’s find the path where old lovers and dreamers find peace again.

I want you to come to the old city.
Listen with me to the bands on open band night.
Roam  the coffee shops and listen to the ancient and young Poets.
I want us to dance and sing near the sea.
Hold on to each other like young and new lovers.
Learn the old laughter and joy we once held once.

Please come to Monterey.
Let’s become like children,
walk barefoot on the warm sandy beaches of Monterey.
Built sand castles for the ages. Drink sweet wines and
celebrate long and sweet kisses by the light of the kind moon
and powerful sea.

I want us to find our hunger to love, to dance and laugh again.
I want to hold you like my first love and last dream.
We will sit by the sea and watch the sun rise up from the east.
Do silence prayers for us to learn to be fearless.

The beaches and the kind city of Monterey will be our time
to learn what we are hiding behind from.

Monterey is beautiful.
The city is alive.
Please sweet Jenny, come to Monterey.
We will find our peace and joy again.

I want to walk hand in hand with you on the pier.
We will sit where Hemingway drank his whiskey.
Listen to the music of the sea.
I will buy you simple gifts and we will create memories
and places for us to hold on to forever.

Today we have 2500 miles of separation,
fear and sad heart. Please come to Monterey.
Be mine again for a time.

Sweet Jenny.
I still love you with all my heart.

Written in 1992/rewritten in 2014
Coyote/John Castellenas