“The Tango”

The tango

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


“Invitation To Tango”, 2015-2016, Yuriy Ku Drop——————————————————————————————————————————–
The tango
When I saw you waiting and  I saw the perfect red. You were waited  with a patience silence. I watched you for a moment drinking in the exquisite view of bare shoulders, sensuous eyes and gentle lips.
My need for you escalated as I submerged into my temptress of hope and love.I went to you and you stood-up.You gave me a heavy embrace and long and sweet kisses. The kisses tasted of sweet red wine and I put my face into your auburn hair. I smell free flowers and the gentle perfume on soft and wanting skin.
You whispered to me. “Where your been Johnnie? The good song and sweet red wine made me sad, I needed to dance with you my love. You promised a long night of the Tango.  You promised a long walk near the sea and to serenade me with poetry of love  till the morning birth.”
I brought her closer and I whispered. The night is young and the songs are not done yet. The sea can wait. I have pineapple juice and good rum in the truck. Dear Amy, we shall dance till the tavern kicked us out.
We will roam to the sea. Drink, talk and laugh till the morning light. You are my only wish and need my love. I need to bathe in your kind and gentle eyes.I will sing songs of love and speak words of love you.
You are my muse and you give me reasons to live and go forward. She took my hands and we roamed to the dance floor.
I held her hip and hand. We allowed the dance of the tango to stir-up emotions and make us fall into the fierce dance without caution. I whispered to her. The storm of life is coming and I fear not because you are with my  sweet love.
John Castellenas/Coyote