In love with your Melody.

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Wanderings of a lost soul...

IMG_5312.JPGLet’s fall Together,
I already did,
I want you too,
Dive in,
This fervour,
And jump,
Exploring within,
Let’s fall,
Hold my hand,
Discovering treasure,
Fingers tangled,
Will take you,
With pleasure,
Let’s fall,
In the rhythms
Of love,
You and me,
let’s design,
Strings align,
One key at a time,
Let’s fabricate,
The music,
With the waves,
Let’s fall,
I already did,
Let’s plunge,
Leaving this cacophony,
Be my muse,
I be your lyrics,
You be my song,
I do,
Just need you,
Let’s sing,
The song of our love,
I and you,
Let’s complete,
This ditty,
In harmony,
For I am So much,
Yes, I am
In love with your Melody.

The Lost Soul.

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