Free Spirit

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Light Behind The Cloud ✨

The roaring waves crashing on the shore,
Leaving my heart desiring more and more,
My withered mind seeks no more help,
Yet it lets out a frail and pathetic yelp.

I crave to go to a place beyond my reach,
This I know, though to me others preach,
As they slither into my dreams and whisper,
But to their remarks, I shall not surrender.

Time and time again I’ll reignite the fire,
That burns within my soul without a tire,
The endless source of fuel to my heart,
You will never be able to tear me apart.

I am aware that I have some built up rage,
I feel you and I are never on the same page,
But that is okay, because starting today,
I’ll be off on my own to pave my own way.

The wild side of me you are still yet to see,
It is shrouded

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