Tears In Their Eyes

Powerful and needed words by a talented writer.

Beckie's Mental Mess

This one goes out to all those who have crossed over...may we all find inner peace in the neart future! Birth Life Next This segment we will explore...the NEXT, making Peace with 'Next'. Exploring mortality and immortality. Preparing yourself for death. Letting go of grief and makine peace with the loss of another. Music Freedom Child Jesus Dances Longevity Prayer to Kalu Rinpoche by Jean - Philippe Rykiel Apl.de.AP I Cry Shining a LIGHT on The Dinner Party Next with 'She' Suzanne Toro Sessi...

They are most hollow, these eyes we see.
A sadness looms that need not be.
Depression is running deep,
as our nation weeps.
A need a must,
to clutch a crutch.
Tears descend down our cheeks,
as the violence continues in our streets.
To sit and ponder,
our minds wander.
To stand and wait,
time is lost, make no haste.
Time of life which feels abandoned,
men and guns taking lives at random.
Can no one hear our screams?
Can no one hear our cries?
Trying to find hope,
while our nations spirit dies.

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