Land of Dreams, Sea of Reality

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Beyond Panic

It is here where The Land of Dreams blends in with the Sea of Reality.

I scoop the earth-blackened waters of its banks, only to see it slip through my fingers.

In the distance of my fantasy worlds,

Castles crumble.

Palaces burn.

and things that aren’t pretentious about

their brutality

break the spine of humanity

over their knees.

The crack of shattered, severed bone sounds like an

exclamation mark on the period of life.

No escape.

See? The gift abandons you, as a

faithless priest

his calling.

The candles in the temple are extinguished,

And canticles and prayers rise in supplication,

Only to get trapped in the webs and rooks of

defiled, unholy rubble, and desecrating doubt.

The hand trembles with pain,

wrinkles with age.

The fight is all-encompassing now,

and strength is leeching, leaking, leaving…

The Sea of Reality has the remnants of

wasted time, missed chances, lost loves

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