Alisa Fineman & Kimball Hurd -Song

Song of hope.  California costline song.


The California coastline


Once I was seeking the good death.

I volunteered for war and the fast death.

Death don’t take the crazy and I danced with death often.

Death didn’t befriended me.

On a Spring day at Big Sur.

Beautiful singer Alisa Fineman took my hands and she told me.

Dark Poet, release the darkness and see the beauty of the new day.

You are alive and well.

Seek laughter, love and swim in the beautiful Pacific.

Find the deep forest and meditate with nature.

Please watch the sun rise and the moon fall.

You are the caretaker  of your thoughts.

You must forgive the bad deeds done to you and

you must forgive yourself.

She kissed my forehead and she performed her songs.

After she sang her song of hope and love.

She came back to me and I told.

Thank you Alisa Fineman.

You are right and I will try to do better.

She smiled and she told me.

Call me Alisa and if your need me.

I’m easy to find. Always time for a friend.

John Castellenas/Coyote