Too late dear Lover

Too late dear lover

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


Too late dear lover

Dear Cheryl. Somewhere in the city of sin. I heard you die alone. Few cried tears for you. I did.

I remembered you. You were a wild child with dead eyes and sadistic life. You were something I couldn’t have and somehow we fell together.

In a late night taverns in Detroit. We found each other and we drank and danced till the midnight hour. You told me often. You can make me laugh and make me feel okay. My life is shit and dear Johnnie. Please stay with me. Some sin isn’t dirty. My lips need your kiss, my skin demand you closer and I won’t accept just dance and song.

We found the dark motels on Gratiot ave. We stripped bare and made dangerous wishes come true. I remember telling you. Dear Cheryl. My wildflower and siren. We are dancing on broken glass and rock. Love cannot be for us.

I heard you die alone in Las Vegas. I prayed the kind Gods could forgive you and accept you in paradise. Your life hard and twisted.  I said a prayer to Lake St. Clair for you.

” Dear Lord
Please dear Lord. A friend is coming to you.
Please treat her kindly.
A broken angel who knew so little kindness on this earth.
Please Lord.
No-one is perfect.
Give her places where she can know peace.
Allow her to find places where she can dance and sing.
Allow her harden the skin to heal.
Please take care of my dear friend Cheryl.”

Poor Cheryl die alone in the city of sin and few cried for her. I don’t know if I could have saved her? Maybe I became another knife in her already broken and beaten heart?

Beautiful Cheryl. I do remember you. My wild child lady who tempted my heart and soul.  The sad part was, I was dead too in heart and soul.  We were two Gypsy heart seeking peace in the flesh and we forgot to allow the heart to know love.

John Castellenas/Coyote