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banshee valentine

there’s a nectar on her lips

anarchy in her hips

the trips she threatens

glimmer like a promise

there are crosshairs in her eyes

and there’s a satin to her lies

made for those who are

mad enough to want this

dry your eyes don’t mourn your fate

because you’re far too late

she claimed you for her prey

before you knew it

there are bloodstains on her dress

and you’re her favorite mess

mutation hurts but

she will help you through it

there’s a feather to her touch

which soon becomes a crutch

and burns your skin with its

electric imprint

there’s a lightning in her dance

between her legs a trance

if she is the spark then

she will make you her flint

and there’s a reckoning in her blood

injustices beneath the mud

taking root shooting up

helping her to rise

there are grudges in her skin

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