When mirrors speak

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Seeing the whisper

When mirrors speak

The siren’s whisper is heard against the waves of secrecy.

Similarly, to a driftwood graveyard that strands itself on a streak from the tails of a shooting star.

A star that has gone wayward without the confines of rules.

The book of mirrors is written eloquently with a finger of fire on glass tablets that has shed

tears of reflection.

Birds to flight bring back stories of sails with no winds in the storm of chaos.

While the chiseled wings of angels cry in the rain pinning a medallion to universe’s


The sun’s warm essence gathers brothers and sisters with eyes weighing down from the weight

of sorrow only to have them open in awareness.

Humanity became perplexed with the apocalypse of mind that has governed humanity for years

bequeathing all liberties which is a veritable aberration to the soul.

And coming out of their drunken…

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