A poet & a lover

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.


A poet & a lover,

With a pen & a paper.

Full moon mystery,

And firefly lights.


Soul confession.

Send me a sign,

Am I in the right direction?

Curing my blues,

And lows with a green high.

If I can’t have you near me,

I will write you in my nights.

In a zone,

Blowing smoke.

Through poetry,

Writing love notes.

Beautiful quotes,

A subject only few knows.

Touching your skin,

Rhymes with my pen.

My hands say it more beautifully,

Than my mouth ever can.

To be loved by a poet,

Is to be loved by the world.

Better than a random poem,

I painted you the universe.

My words never resonate,

With closed minds,

Or shallow souls.

My abstracts are unconformable.

My handwriting, mementos,

Tucked in pages, and a picture.

Love & tragedy are beautiful stories,

Until it’s your heart that’s bleeding on paper.

-By Maroof

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