Just questions my friend

Just questions my friend

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


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Just questions my friend

December is here again. Two of my grandchildren are sleeping at 4 am in the morning. A school day for one of them. Me and the four-year old. Will do a grand adventure today. Time had gone too fast.  Oldest grand-boys. Eight years old. I watch my world going crazy and old war are never-ending. New wars are beginning.

I’m scare to death. One day I will be like my Grandmother. Dear Grandmother took me to the Greyhound bus. Watch me leave for war and the unknown. I remember her face. She told me. Please Johnnie. Don’t be a hero. A chicken can live forever and heroes die young. I don’t want to bury another family member to war.

My father, a Vietnam and Korean war veterans. He took me to the airport in Virginia. He and my step-mother held me tightly and I saw in my father’s eyes. He knew his son would learn blood, death and sin. We spoke little and I watched from my airport seat. My dad and stepmother holding fear and sadness as I deployed for another war.

Question one.
People tell me war is a part of life. Do we accept war as a norm? I tell people. If you accept war as a norm. One day. War will find you. Distance wars will find your doorstep.

Question two.
Can we stop war? I believe we can. USA spend 25% of the taxes on war. USA support and keep war alive. Bring the soldiers home. We are in places that don’t want to be saved. Allow the old and ancient places to solve their own problems. Ancient places don’t want our advice or solders. When we send a division of soldiers to the Middle East. We are the enemy.

Question three.
What can we do? Lead with kindness, concern and love. Send food, water and medicine. I served when President Clinton was President. I went on many food and water missions to Africa and Europe. Us soldiers learn how ugly and hard some places can be. Also we learn. We gained new friendship and respect. I cooked in the early morning and I served food to people in need all day. The ugly American show a kind face and heart. I delivered water and food to people. Their kind smiles and handshakes made the task wonderful and worthwhile.

My Christmas prayer

Little one.
Please lay your head down and find some sleep.
Dream of days in the park, swimming in the lakes.

My little ones.
I pray the world become less mad.
Please dear God.
Made the world learn forgiveness and seek peace over war.

Please lord of life and death.
Please ensure every child have a warm bed and food to eat.
Please ensure every child have shelter and a safe place to live.

Please Lord of life and death.
Stop the angry men who want war over peace.
Please stop the useless killing.
Teach them.
Every child is a blessing.
Every life is a blessing.
Too many tears been spilled for things done for hate and separation.

Our world is becoming smaller.
We must learn. The men wanting war and separation. Quit sending them gun and weapons. Old wise saying. Doing nothing mean you accepted the world as-is. A quiet voice will leave you feeling hopeless one day.

Question four.
Do you want to take your husband, son or brother to an airport to be deployed and fighting for strangers? I believe each country must fix themselves. USA gifts of guns, weapons and soldiers. Isn’t the way to peace. USA extend wars and no profit in peace for the contractors.

I will be told by many. Can’t stop war. Part of men mentality.

I’m worry. Few men in leadership. Talk of peace. USA had a Berserker who want more guns and weapons. How many more shall die for the hunger of war?

Grandchildren are sleeping and I see the face of my Grandmother and my Father. I pray I don’t become them. Taking my grandchild to the airport to be deployed. I learn too late. War is cold and heartless.

Time for a billion person walk for peace and calm. Remember weapons don’t care if you are Muslim, Christian or Buddhist. Bullets had no conscious.

Christmas prayer
Please Great Spirit.
Protect the children.
Give shelter and food to the homeless.
Please send logic and common sense to our leaders.
A dead child on a beach.
This is all men great sin.
A wife tear’s for a soldier lost to war.
I pray the leaders know.
They stole a lifetime of love way from a family.
Please Great Spirit.
Show men.
Protect nature and please learn.
Every child lost to war and violence.
Is the sin of man.