‘Nevermore’ Lenore…

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Late Night Poets

By:  Silk Blackrose


In the garden lies a stone, in a bed of roses, it stands alone
I walk each morn, a ray of light falls across her name adored
though rain drops spill upon her grave, each day fresh flowers laid
what’s in my heart I dare not say, not even to my hearts sworn
my tears fly falling, falling like the rain they pour
the pain is more than can be borne

betwixt the hours, rent the veil, when sun has fled and moon has failed
a luminous mist rises like the tides upon hells shore
in those hours, rose a wraith, with flaming eyes, an ashen face
he walked the bed of roses, whispering the name I adore
and then he came scratching, scratching at my hastily bolted door
he wore a face I knew before

that first time he came calling, to my knees, he brought…

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