Past Lives

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I’m staring into your eyes. I can feel my heartbeat racing.

By this world’s definition, you are a stranger. However, in the pit of my being, there’s something familiar. I move to the edge of my seat, leaning into you, searching for what it might be. I want to press my lips against yours and fall into you, but it doesn’t seem right in this moment. You seem to be doing the same. No, I know you are doing the same. I know you are feeling the same wave of unexplainable emotion. It is palpable.

For once in my life, I’m not worrying about how I look, because I know you are seeing Me. Beyond the curve of my hips and the fullness of my thighs, there is a scary underbelly that is raw and open and begging for your love. It needs to be touched by more than your…

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