Will you still love me tomorrow’

Will you still love me tomorrow

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Good song create words and thoughts.


Will you still me tomorrow

Beautiful Jenni told me. “Baby, two different highways can never be one. You want the world and I want you here. The war, the new battles to be fought and new places to be discovered. They will break your heart one day when you learn. You can’t have me and the worldly victories you seek.”

I asked my beautiful Jenni. Will you still love me tomorrow? The wandering soldiers will return and need you near. I will dream of your embrace in the faraway places the Army will send me. I will yearn for your voice and to be able to look into your eyes and kiss your sweet lips.

Jenni looked away and she whispered. “I have loved you Johnnie and I know you love me, but I know. You loved the road more than me. You loved the journey and to discover the unknown valleys or ridges. I will love you in the morning light and when you depart. You will break my heart for the last time.”

Old Poet held his love tightly. He knew her words were true. He knew Jenni told him the truth. His last chance to keep her forever or will he escape?

The morning light came and Soldier left a beauty waiting. The soldier felt tears falling as he headed down highway I-94 toward Chicago. Jennie stood alone. She knew he loved her but he was a wandering. She knew they shared last embrace and kiss. Sweet Jenni cried alone for she knew. Love could be so sweet and can break your heart. She whispered. Goodbye my Johnnie. I pray you find your place where you can know peace.

John Castellenas/Coyote