‘Who is first? Who is last?

Who is first? Who is last?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words.


Who is first? Who is last?

The deadly dance
Burning cities. Children and families being murdered.
Family losing everything and becoming homeless.
Who is the killers? Who is responsible?

Old world holding guns toward each other.
Wanting blood over kind peace.
Wanting power over concern for the people of their country.

Powerful countries like the Devils of war.
Giving weapons to men willing to kill for deadly men and cause.
The game of murder is like the deadly dance where everyone will lose.
One day.
The gun will be at the soldier’s head.
All things will break even.
Blood demand payment.
Who shall win in the game of the deadly dance of war and violence?

Today world is on a dangerous edge.
I hear no screams to help the poor countries who people are bleeding and dying.
Homeless with no safe haven.

Today we accept the world to be painted black and red with death.
Accepting death of people without a thought.
I told my daughter today.
War is near and you don’t want to know your Grandmother’s sadness.
The world wars were the days of hell on earth.
She asked me. What can we do?

I told her.
Need a billion people to stand as one for peace.
Need a billion people to demand, stop  all countries selling  weapons to men who murder without concern
for human life.

I whispered to the sun today. Please help this world. Religion, color and race mean nothing to a gun. We must learn. One people and one world. We must get along for the sake of all children.

Most important question. Do you want your child or grandchild to die for the cause of war? Wars far away from us.
The world demand USA help. How do you help people who are born into bloodshed? How do you teach peace to people who have only known war?

Only true tools to create healing. Kindness, concern and forgiveness. Mercy, medicine and food/water to the needy. We must stop the countries supplying the men who known no mercy. Countries that send weapons to terror. Should be boycotted and treated as murderers. Because he who supply the weapon. Paid or not. They are the killers too.

John Castellenas/Coyote