Peace shall come.

Peace shall come

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words.


Peace shall come

My good friend. The war is over for you. You fought the good fight and now.
You rest with 40 thousand white crosses near Paris. Just men and boys who fought the last war to end all wars.
My brothers. More men and boys will come and join you, just more men who fought the good fight.
I hope one day we learn. War cost plenty. Freedom was very costly. One alive and strong men. They have found their peace. Their final place.

My friend

Today I stood by your grave. Once me and you, we were soldiers. I stand alone and I learn. The deep payment of war. Once you and your family took me in. Added a stranger, a fellow soldier to your family gatherings. You taught me. Family and children are life. We are alone without children at our feet. Today I brought my two grandsons to the flags of the Michigan soldiers lost to the new wars. Names and faces of men lost to war. Old men and young men stand by names of missed friend. The old timers from World War two are the wisest. They shake our hands and they tell us. We are the leftovers. We must remind the people. Great men die for freedom.

Today I pray for peace and I pray for our leaders to lead with concern, kindness and love. Send food, water and medicine. Not soldiers and guns.

“America will regret helping Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen | Medea …

Jun 19, 2017 – Saudi forces have targeted farms, food facilities, water infrastructure, marketplaces, and even the port of Hudaidah, where most of the humanitarian aid was entering the … But US training or having a seat in the operations control center will not stop the conflict; only a ceasefire and political talks will do that.”

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Stop and think
In Yemen. People are dying and the USA stand with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia who abuse their own people and are a cold and heartless nation. Who is the true enemies? Who  funded the terrorist group?
I’m learning everyday. Maybe men are just fools seeking the good death without concern of human life and nature. Maybe peace shall come when we meet our God. Maybe men need to kill everything sweet and good?
“Peace will come one day”
Little children.
One day people will not see the color of the skin of another.
One day we will rate a man by his deeds.
Not his religion or how he dresses.
I pray one day.
We teach our children skills and trades.
Not how to fight, die and kill.
I pray every child had shelter, food and know safety.
Dear lord of life and death.
I know no-one win in war.
Please help the people in the way of war.
So many people homeless and damn to struggle.
Please send wisdom to our leaders.
Make them know.
Every life had value.
One life lost to war.
Could have been the one to save us all.
One earth and one people.
We must get along.
      John Castellenas/Coyote

© 2018 Coyote Poetry