Songs For The Awakening/Spiritual Soul

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Wondrous Universe

1.)Courage To Grow: 

Enlightenment IS a hard process. The truth is painful, but I hope you have the “Courage To Grow”.

2.) Work Of Art:

This song is all about self-love! Loving yourself for all that you are!

“You were made for greatness
Beautifully created
By the one who made the stars
Baby, that’s just who we are
Take back what was taken
All those lies are vacant
We’re gonna tear them all apart
Let the truth invade our heart

Every freckle, every scar
You’re a work of art
Baby, that’s just who you are”
You’re a work of art

3.) Who Says?:

Detaching from ego, what you think you should do or be. Detaching from what identity you think you need to play and detaching from role play. “Who Says?” you have to have it all figured out? Who says you need to follow the “norm” and everyone else? Be your true self!

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