The Poet’s love (Chapter 12)

The Poet’s love (Belmopan and Mexican border)

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


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Belmopan, Belize

The Poet’s love -Belmopan and the Mexican border

Dr. Rod was demanding and organized. She directed Lawrence to many tasks. She made Johnnie lay on a medical table. She looked at him directly and she told him. My name is Rose. If you call me Dr. Rod. I will put a needle into you penis. He smiled at her and he told her. Dear Rose, a great honor to have met you. I have heard of you. I have sent three men to see you and you cured them. They were in the early stages. Not like me. Rose touched his forehead and she told him. I can’t save you. I have a new plant called Lophophora williamsii  and some hierberos plants. I will try to extend your life. He smiled and he told her. Anything you can do. I greatly appreciate. Rose took out her tools. She asked him. You ever used acupuncture? He told her never. Today you will. The needles will be placed in proper places to help the blood flow and I will stop some blood flow. Your cancer is in the stomach. Take these pills. You will fall into a deep sleep and I hope the pain is less when you are awoke. He was impressed with the Asia woman. He knew she left her country with a Belize man and he left her. She loved the city of Belmopan and now she claim the city as her home. She was loved and cared for by the people of the city. A living legend in the Central American field. Fearless, smart and a heart of gold.

Rose was assisted by Lawrence.  She put thirty needles into proper parts of the body. Lawrence asked her. Do you believe this will help? Rose looked sad and she told him. Maybe. The needle is release blockage and maybe the pain will be less. I have create liquid form of two test drugs. The bad part. Could kill him Lawrence? She knew she had one day and she worked quickly and she prayed. Please give me one more miracle. Four hours later. Johnnie awoke and he felt stronger and better. Rose was waiting and she gave him two drinks. He drank them and he asked. Are you killing me or helping. Those were terrible. She smiled and she told him. I pray they can help. Been tested and the results are not enough yet. He touched her face and he told her. Thank you dear Rose.

He walked into the motel room. Paloma was sleeping. He looked outside and he saw an amazing city. He wished he could roam her. He wished he traveled more. South and Central America. So many wonderful place to be seen. Paloma awoke and he went to her.  She asked him. How are you feeling? He smiled and he whispered. I feel good. Best I felt in day. She began to cry and he sang to her.
Pretty senorita,
Don’t cry for me.
Beautiful ladies should never shed tears.
I’m here and you are near.
My beloved.
You are my only wish.
I love you dear Paloma.

She stopped crying and she asked. Do you believe you will go to hell or heaven? I made you kill people. You sinned because of me. Once you told me. Soldiers only know sin, gin and violence. Soldiers know warfare, they know how to kill and love blood and death. Please Johnnie, is the war is over for you now? I saw the nightmares you have in your sleep. You are still fighting battles somewhere. She caressed his forehead and she sang.
Sleep my Johnnie.
Please dream of me.
You shall never be alone.
I will never leave you again.
I’m the Poet’s love.
And the poet is my one and only.
He open his eyes and he told her. You have thanks me a thousand time for saving you. I didn’t save you. You are made of iron and steel. You saved me. You made me see more than war and hate. You showed me. You must stand for something. Even if it mean death. She looked very serious and she asked. We can skip Mexico and go directly to Port Austin. He smiled and he told her. Port Austin can wait. You and I need to say goodbye to Susana Castillo Chavez. I have been to the site of her death. Her face is on the walls of the city. You and I burn sage for her and pray she know peace somewhere. This is my wish dear Paloma. I will do a 3 am treatment with Rose. Please don’t call her Doctor Rod. Lawrence was playing a joke again. Paloma laughed. First laughter in a long time. A soft knock and Rose walked in. Dear Paloma and Johnnie. A small party for you tonight by the sea. Please honor me with your company. I will do the 3 am treatment and at 7am. You will leave for Cuidad Juarez.  Behind her stood a large Apache with a kind smile.  Rose introduce Don Carlos. He waved at them and he told them. Rest you two. Tonight we will have a great talk. He walked over to Johnnie. He handed him some plant seeds. Don Carlos told him. Digest with some mango juice. My natural cures. Not pretty. You may feel odd. This is a good thing.

They left Paloma and Johnnie. Johnnie drank some mango juice and forced down the seeds. She laughed at him and she told him. I’m happy. We need time with Leo and Lawrence. I’m damn tire of driving. I hate the damns car. Paloma stood-up and dropped her dress and she waved Johnnie to the bed. He looked at her. She was the most beautiful he ever saw. He locked the door and he went to her. He put his face into her hair and brought her warm body near. She whispered. We have four till the darkness comes and the party is alive. Time for us to cuddle. At 8 pm. Lawrence, Leo and Elena was knocking on their door.  They put some clothing on quickly and both begin to laugh. He told her. Dear Paloma. Thank you for being with me. You are my everything since the day I first saw you.

At the party. Don Carlos and Rose was sitting. The five walked toward them and Rose told Lawrence. I owe you one. Dr. Rod. Like I was above you and Elena. Don Carlos stood-up and he hugged Elena and kissed her face many times. He called her Little Flower. He went to Paloma and he told her. Finally I meet the most wanted woman in Mexico. He hugged her and he told her. All the bad men who wanted you dead. They are dead. Killed by a single man I was told. He took Johnnie hands and he told him. Fearless warrior, so good to meet my Ojibwa brother. You and I will talk later.  He went to Leo. Honored painter, this is my honor. Paloma, do you know. Leo saved many. He financed and was involved in saving many young girls. He looked at Paloma. The world need brave people. Women like you had set the example. Lawrence stood-up and hugged Don Carlos. He told them. Don Carlos is a blessing. A powerful Nagual and good friend. His herbs had saved many and he is fearless. A good friend to Mexico and to Central America.

The night was perfect. The moon was almost full and the sea was quiet. Don Carlos asked Johnnie. You saw war, you fed the poor in Africa and you been seeking peace for 20 years. What is the meaning of life? Leo laughed and he told them.
Many answers to this questions. Like Jack London said many years ago. The Gods always win. Men are just meat for foolish religions and led by naysayers. Good men will work and work till they cannot work no-more. God had forgotten us. If God was watching.. How did the world fall into chaos and violence? Lawrence smiled and he told them. Leo had a bad attitude. Most of his life. His skill made him safe and sound. I have lived in the poorest of country. My poor country has old women going house to house on Sunday. Bring their extra food to the poorest. I believe we decide our place. We can live with concern, kindness or love. Or swim in violence and greed. I believe places like the USA is suffering more than the poor nations. Poor nations don’t see color or religion. We are not perfect. Elena raised her hand-up and she told them. Lawrence is right. Life should be simple. Rate a life by their deeds, Money isn’t life. Life is what we can do and the family and kindness shared. Paloma looked at Don Carlos and she told him. The world is not perfect. If we accept the way of violence men who cheapen life. We are as guilty as the crooks and gangsters. The good people must stand for the good. Don Carlos asked. Did Susana Castillo Chavez die for a reason? Did something change? Paloma held silence and Lawrence told them. Dying for a cause. Poor woman murdered. One hand chopped-off. I wonder did she accomplish something. Johnnie looked at Don Carlos and he told him. People like Paloma are needed. We cannot forget Susana Castillo Chavez. She was a martyr that cannot be forgotten. Old wise saying from a Batman movie. Killing one bad guy mean little. More men are waiting to assume the leadership. It will take a hurricane to change our world. Most people are blind and scared,

Don Carlos smiled and he told them. They are fools and they and bigger fools. All of you are right. The common folks must stand as one. Fear and separation. Old wise saying. Stand for nothing, live for nothing my friend. I’m here to ensure the Poet’s love find her final peace and she write the true story of a martyr.  Paloma  must awake the world to the murder of the 1000 Mexicans girls forced to sell their bodies and their souls. Rose told Don Carlos. Enough of the serious talk. Today we are near the sea. Good wine, good company and the music is playing close by. Tonight no more talk of war, no more talk of revolution. Today we drink, dance and laugh till we cannot no more. Johnnie took Rose’s hands and he took her to the dancing waves. He bent down and he took off her shoes and he kicked his shoes off. They did a midnight waltz for the moon and the stars. Lawrence danced with Paloma and Leo kissed his Elena and they danced barefooted with the waves.

Don Carlos looked to the sky and he prayed. Please Great Spirit. Give Johnnie more time to sing, dance and laugh. Please help this world. We need some kindness and concern.

John Castellenas

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