The Poet’s love – Hummingbird highway

The Poet’s love — Hummingbird highway-Chapter 13

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry

A new chapter

The Poet’s love

It was nearing the Midnight hour. Rose told everyone. I must rest. Me and Johnnie have a date at 3 am. At 8 am, you must be on the Hummingbird highway heading toward Mexico. You have 2700 to go.  Me and Don Carlos believe if three drivers. You can be in Cuidad Juarez in two days if no problem. I believe this is necessary for Johnnie. You will rest in San Luis Potosi. I have a friend who can treat Johnnie illness. She knows you are coming. Seven people looked at the peaceful Gulf of Mexico. Johnnie told Rose. You live in paradise. She smiled and she told him. I know and I will never leave her. Belmopan is my home now. Now dear friends. Good night and I shall see you all off in the early morning. They exchanged hugs and Lawrence whispered to Rose. Thank you for the kindness dear friend.

At 3 am sharp. A light knock at the door of Johnnie and Paloma. Johnnie kissed Paloma mouth and her forehead and he told her. Please sleep baby and I will see you at the truck at 8am. Johnnie laid on a table and Rose use the acupuncture needles in needed place. After the needles were put in. She gave him Don Carlos plants and herbs. She handed him a big class of mango juice.  He smiled. These herbs and plants are terrible but I feel stronger. He digest the herbal medicine  and Rose told him. The drugs of Don Carlos are old medicine. He was taught by an ancient teacher and he is teaching his replacement. They say Don Carlos can be in two places at one time. Year ago. Don Carlos stayed with me. I remember his words. You left a hell-hole in North Korea. You are a skilled doctor and if you like. I will show you the herbs. Herbs and modern medicine can work together. Natural herbs will strengthen the body and the mind. Trickery of a kind. I accepted his friendship and we have worked together for many years. I’m telling you Johnnie. We can’t stop the dying. Me and Don Carlos are just added time to your life. The body is weak. One day. The body won’t work no-more. Johnnie took her hands and he kissed them. He told her. I know dear Rose. I must make Cuidad Juarez. I appreciate the kindness. Rose smiled and she asked. Please tell me the story of the time, you saved Paloma, the second time.

He looked at the open window and the Gulf of Mexico was in view. After Leo and Paloma left me in Mexico city. One of the men told me. I was dead and he would ensure Paloma would be raped for days and cut into pieces. The bitch would be another example like your dear friend Susana. I stomped his face into the cement and the other man begin to move. He had fear in his eyes. I did the same to him. I had tie-up seven other men. I went to the first one. He laughed at me. He told me. You will die you bitch gringo. My father will make you wish you can die quickly. I took out my hidden cat knife. I put the tool on my right hand. The cat knife. five four-inch blades. The man spoke less and he asked. What are you doing? I punched his face and neck till he did not move no-more. I took out his wallet and kept his license. I did the same to the other six men. I did the quiet death. At noon the city went silence. The body of nine men made the bad men scared. The police showed no concern to find the killer. I cleaned-up and I found a quiet motel. The address on the license was the Father’s house. I waited three days. I was watching the house and the house was in a safe area in Mexico City. He posted two guards. One at the entrance and one in the house. Was a car driving in a regular circle. Ensuring no odd car or people came near. I was dressed in jean and t-sheet. I waiting to the midnight hour. The first guard was easy. He was playing with a cell phone. I used a silencer on my 45. This silencer costs me plenty. Old Vietnam war Veteran  made me drink, sing and talk for two-day for this gift. I entered the house. The second guard was making coffee and he turned and he asked. Juan, need an espresso?  I put one bullet into his head. I went up stairs.  A long man was working on some documents. I walked quietly toward him. He turned around and I was face to face with him. He looked at me with great fear and he asked. You killed my son, did you? I smiled and I told him. Yes. He yelled at me. I’m Don Luis. I will ensure you are killed and killed again. I whispered to his left ear. This is for Susana Castillo Chavez and Paloma. I punched the cat knife into his throat four times. He fell on the ground. I cut-off his hand and his feet. I cut his eyes out. I spread them on the four corners of the room. His eyes on the table. I looked at my watch. I had three minutes before the car returned. I left the house in silence and no-one noticed me. I went back to the motel. I cleaned-up and tossed my bloody pant and shirt into a burning can fire near. I stayed in Mexico City three days. Me and my Vietnam friend Phil. Enjoyed the fear in the street of the Mexican gangsters. I could not see Paloma now. I saw a bloody killed looking back at me. I left Mexico for Michigan. Took me time to understand what I did. Rose went to him and she kissed his forehead, She whispered. You killed dirt. The men you killed were murderers, rapist and sick.  Your myth is still alive. Old woman and young girls pray the burning man returned. Paloma walked-in and she asked. What is this dear Johnnie? Rose smiled and she told her. Johnnie is telling me about bad dreams and nightmares. Please help me clean-up Johnnie. In one hour, you will be driving on Hummingbird highway. The most beautiful highway in  the complete world. You will be blessed by the gifts of the gods. Central American. Paradise for the lucky.

Don Carlos told them. I will drive for 5 hours and Lawrence/Leo will take turns driving five hours each. We can make San Luis Potosi in 20 hours. More than half way to our final destination. We will rest for one day. Ensure the truck is okay. My dear friend Sharon, a nun and a doctor is waiting for us.  My herbs should make Johnnie feeling content. I added some of the finest and secret herbs to make his death a good death. Johnnies asked. I feel the energy of the plants. He liked the large Mexican man. His eyes were soft brown and powerful. Paloma held Johnnie tightly. Lawrence drank some water and he told them. Twenty hours in a car. Time for some stories. Johnnie told them. I have the best story. The first story Lawrence told me so many year ago.

My delusional mind and forsaken dreams seem so far away.I console myself with Honduras rum and I roamed the discos and nightclubs.I’m fatigue from suffocating in goals of work and money.I have volunteered for every mission since I rejoined the Army in 1991. I got lucky and I’m on a medical mission in Honduras. Assisting military medical team and Doctors with water, food and fuel for giving treatment in the mountains.

Today I’m in Trujillo. Me and one Soldier got stuck in the beautiful city for a few days because of rainy season. All the roads were damaged and closed.We stayed at the American Inn. The Hotel is on the mountain and you can see the Caribbean sea for miles. A beautiful young woman brought food to us. She told us. “Un gran fiesta en la cuidad en la noche.” She poured the flesh juice into our glasses. She smiled and looked at me. “You may be able to enjoy yourself.”

Trujillo is an old city. So beautiful and so much history. The people of the city don’t seen to see us. They are busy with their lives. As always I roamed alone into the city. Night was coming and I heard music being plays on the beach. I saw the people were dancing and celebrating being alive. I’m being waved over by a young woman. She is standing by a fire on the beach. She ran to me and she took my hand. She brought me to the fire and she puts me into a chair. The woman is wearing a light dress showing a young and beautiful body. Many more woman are near by talking and laughing.

I asked for a rum and coke. She came back and her dark eyes were sad. Her hair flowed down her back and her body was young and strong. She puts a mosquito net over me. She whispered.”The mosquitoes are muy malo en la noche.” I thanks her and tried to give her money. She wouldn’t accept it.

She told me. “Un gran fiesta hoy in la noche. Un fiesta de Libertad. Ignoro como explicarlo. Encantado. Estoy a sus ordenes.” I sat alone and drank my rum and coke. The moon  appeared and the night begins to overtake the day. Many people on the beach now and everyone was kind to a misplaced American. An old man came and sat with me. The same young woman brought a mosquito net and put it over his large chair. In perfect English the man told me. “Welcome to my party. I’m a Doctor. My name is Lawrence.” I shook his hand.

He pointed at the young woman and he told me. “She is my daughter Rosa. She is my joy and pleasure in my world.” I asked did he want a drink? He gave me a kind smile. Told me. “I’m a old man and I can see you are not a well.  The rum won’t fix your problems. You are twisted up and looking for the wrong things.” He ordered us an elixir of fresh fruit. Told me taste the gifts of the spirits. I drank the fruity tasting drink and I told him the drink is amazing. He told me ” Look at the old city.We have been here awhile. A lot of bad times and the people of Trujillo overcame them.”

“The tropics bring the fruit and food of Nature’s gifts to us. The drink is the combination of the fruit of life. You must release the darkness. Celebrate a new day to do something worthwhile.” Rosa ran to us. Told her father. “It is time to dance.”
Her soft brown eyes begged me to dance. She picked me up.

The soft drums are playing. I tried to follow her movements. She is young and filled of life and I just tried to keep up with her. Many people are on the beach now and Rosa brought me to a group of people. All are very kind. I shared my cigarettes. Rosa smiled and told me. “Hoy es un buen noche.”

I sat with the old man and he ordered us coffee. He told me. “All things have a purpose. Somehow you wandered into my Trujillo. I’m thankful for a new friend.” Rosa brought the strong coffee.

He told me.”I have a story for you.”

“There was was young man.
He thought he had nothing.
He fell on the beach crying.
The Sky Spirit came and told him.
Look up.

He looked up and saw the banana tree around him.
The mangoes growing in the back of him.
He reached for the fruit.
They were sweet and good.

He still cries sitting on the beach alone.
The Spirit of the sea came to him.
Told him look at the ocean.

The man saw a net for catching fish.
He worked all morning.
He caught many fish.
He ate what he needed.
He went into the village and gave the
extra fish away.

He sat down and started crying again.
The Spirit of the mountain came to him.
Told him to look up.

The man looked up and saw a beautiful woman
bringing him bread and coffee.

She thanked him for the fish.
She asked why was he so sad?

He told her I’m alone and
do not know my reasons for life?

The woman smiled and sat with him.
Told him he could work for my uncle.
My uncle always need strong men who can fish.
She took his hands.

Told him.
We are all family in the end.

The man realized the spirit had taught him to see
that life can be good for him.
The young woman and the man walked together back into
the city holding hands.”

I smiled at the old man. Told him. “My ailments ain’t so easy to fix. I’m contaminated by bad decisions and my exhausted spirit saw the fraud in my way of life. I can’t find discarded dreams of youth. I’m defaced love with my greed. I’m here for consequences of many poor decisions.”

Rosa is at my feet now. Watched my eyes. The old man laughed and told me. “You are young and many mile to go.
Just try to learn yesterday was just education.To teach us right from wrong. Stay with me in Trujillo for a few days.Your spirit will become strong again.”

I accepted his offer and kindness. Rosa is behind me. Caressed my head and hair gently. She sang a sweet love song in Spanish. The old man smiled and she told me. We don’t need a lot in life. In the end we take nothing with us. You need to figure out what is important.

Rosa is dancing barefoot on the beach. I left my chair, Danced on the beach of Trujillo with a beautiful woman. The old man smiled and I can hear his laughter.



Lawrence  smiled and he told him. I remember this day. You stayed with me for many days and you returned often. Now I will share a tale my dear friends.

Parable of Celia

She sat alone by the peaceful lake. Her pale legs and bare feet being sun-kissed by the late Spring sun.  She was wearing a sundress of white showing soft and tender shoulders. She was a young man’s wish and an old man’s dream.

She seduced me with simple glances and eyes of ocean blue. She knew she held my attention and I was falling and becoming lost in her natural beauty.

I knew she was a wild and careless child, wanting my attention and she was trying to capture my mind and heart. She showed me her long legs and moving feet. She allowed me to be taunted by her perfect body and smile.

I went to her and whispered. “Dear sweet Celia. You are breaking my heart. You are my Aphrodite and my siren. You make a man want to dance with your body near and dare to dream to have you forever, knowing your love is fragile and fickle.”

Celia smiled and she told me. “Dear Poet, you dark writers need forbidden dance, unrestrained journey into passion and selfish woman. Without us, what would you pen?”

I sat near her, caressing her feet and calves. I looked into her eyes and I told her.
“Captured. Unrestrained. Perfection reached.
The naked dance leading to midnight hour splendor.
Is it worth the payment?”

Celia took my hands. Kissing each one with soft and tender kisses, she raised her eyes and looked at me and she whispered, “The night is for love. We are young and need dangerous places and the illusion of a forever love. Love is like a volcano. Burst into great flames and will die down to nothing again. We are young and we don’t need the restraint of forever. Just enjoy today and tonight.”

I reached over and kissed the sweet lips of my Celia and I whispered her some words.

“Celia, Celia.
My sweet rose.

Dear Celia.
My paradise and sweet dream.
Celia, Celia
If we make no promises, we will create no lies.”

Leo and Paloma clapped their hands. Paloma told them. I didn’t know I had Donne and Dryden with me. I have presents for you Leo and Lawrence. I wrote some poetry in Spain. Four books.  Two books are for you Leo and Lawrence. She handed them the books. Leo smiled and he told Paloma. I love the cover. A barely covered Paloma. I do like the title. An honored life and honored friends. For Leo and Lawrence. Kind angels in a life filled with chaos. Silence overtook the truck. Hummingbird highway was so beautiful and amazing. Free forest, free birds and animals were everywhere. Paloma whispered.

Hummingbird highway

Thank you Gods of life and death.
Thank you for good friends near and the gift of Hummingbird highway.
The long road take us through the middle of Belize.
Allow our eyes to see the wonder of the tropics and
allow us know.
We need kind nature more than she needs us.
John Castellenas/Coyote