Martin Luther King Jr. day is Monday.

Martin Luther King Jr.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A great man day is on 16 January. Please think of him this day. A man who wanted equality and peace. We need men like him today.



We shall over come.

I’m an old man now. I remember my Grandfather took me to a big gathering in Detroit. So many people were around me. I was a small child holding my grandfather’s hand. He was a Mexican American and he told me. Martin Luther King Jr. is here. Remember John. Freedom cost a lot. I remember hearing a voice of thunder. He made the people cheer with joy and hope. I remember my father and grandfather cries when he was murdered. I cries with them.

To maintain equality. A never-ending battle. All of us must demand equal rights for all.

Racism is a sickness.  Racism spread quickly and can cause great hate and separation. We must stop the disease quickly and ensure we lead with concern, kindness and love. Hateful men want us to have separation. We must remember Martin Luther King Jr.  We must be one in hope, one in love and one in stopping the men who love war over peace.

January 15th is Martin Luther King day. Spread his words and his dream. I wish I got to know you Martin Luther King Jr.

John Castellenas/ Coyote

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