Hard days and harder nights

Hard days and harder nights.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


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This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

Hard days and harder nights

In 1992. Old Johnnie was seeking the strong whiskey, pretty ladies who were honest and forgot the cleanliness of life. I wasn’t looking for love. Love broke my heart too many times and the taverns nights. Sin and gin were my best friends. I loved the cities that begin to move when the moon is raising.

Kind Army send to Fort Hood, Texas. I found Austin, Texas. Every weekend I went to her. I went to Las Vegas many times. Las Vegas was quiet and boring. Just people wanting to steal from you and give you nothing back. I fell in love with Austin, Texas. Beautiful, hard and sassy women. They told you the truth and they loved the whiskey, the song and dance.

Dear Angela sat with me. A pretty auburn hair stripper, I met on my first night in Texas. Her bold river blue eyes asked me. Where you been Johnnie? The job is lonely without you. He told her. You know I love the Austin city lights and the nights. I was going to find you later. The city of sin had stolen my heart. The forty bars and the two dollar Long Island ice teas till nine are my joy and happiness now.

She looked disappointed. He loved her long tan legs, low-cut blouse and face of an angel. She whispered to his wanting ear. No-one wants a dirty and over used woman. You have forgotten me like everybody else. I haven’t seen you in three months dear Johnnie. He brought her close and he whispered. Damn Army had sent me to the Middle East for three months. I got back yesterday dear Angela. You were my second stop. No booze or fun for ninety days. I have money and some free time. Do you have time for me? Pretty Angela smiled and she laid a tone and perfect leg over my his knees. She whispered. Dark Poet and soldier. Write me some words and I will tell you if you are worthwhile or not. He wrote on an open journal.

Pretty woman, ain’t no angels, ain’t no saints.
You and I.
We had drowned in sin and we were rebirth to swim in more.
I need you, I need you now.
I love your face. So damn beautiful.
You would tempt an honest man.
I love your sassy and sweet smile.
You make me believe.
You and I.
Found perfect place where people who need less.
Are content.
I love your tattoos and I love to hear the story of every one.
I have dreamed of skin, I have dreamed of your mouth and your hands.
I want to write on your bare skin from tender toes to beautiful face.
Praise and gratitude for wonderful curves and the taste of your salty skin.
I dreamed of your angel wings and hungry kisses.
You are my sin, you are my blessing and you are my only sweetness in a dark and lonely life.

He gave the poem to her. She read the words and she smiled. She whispered. Dear Johnnie. You have stolen my heart again. You see beauty in a woman who forgot to laugh. I’m free till Monday. Let’s you and I roam down to the sea. You be my Hemingway and I will be your Agnes. You and I.  We will drink till we can’t drink no-more and then we will dance the Texas two-step till 2am.

He kissed her hard and he ordered two whiskeys and two tap beers. He told her. Your wish is my will. We shall drink the whiskey and the beer, then we will travel till highway 35 south till she is done. You and I. The sea and the dance halls. Paradise and utopia for us seeking some kind of peace in the chaos of a mad world.

John Castellenas/Coyote

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