She wanted Paris and I wanted her.

She wanted Paris and I wanted her.  Chapter  1-5


Her eyes like dancing stars exploding into the night sky.
Her soft hand holding mine tightly.
She whispered, “you promised me Paris and wild nights.”

I want the old city of lights.
I want to make love in silk sheets and soft blankets.
I want the strong coffee and to sit in view of the river.
Watching you write poetry.

“I want to tease you in my long dress, opening my legs for you.
Allowing you to see my bare legs and secret places, free from the shackle of panties. I want you to see me and write freely, I want to make you mad with the hunger to take me at will.”

I embraced my beautiful and sweet Katie and told her.

‘If you want Paris. I want Paris too.
I yearn to see your legs opening wide making me smile and dream.
I want to find raw hunger exploring new places to touch and discover.”

My sweet Katie smiled as she came to me and whispered,
“Your will is my command.
You are mine and I’m yours. Please take what you need my kind lover.”

I write the saga of my imagination in my journal making me wish for things I cannot have.

The wisps of need grow with time teasing, touching memories.
I wanted beauty at my feet. I dreamed of places of chaos and no control.
I dreamed of Katie with her face resting in my lap, looking up with a shy smile.
Saying words with beautiful eyes that didn’t need to be spoken.

She wanted Paris and I wanted her. I had dreams of beauty at my feet. Her hunger makes me live and come alive again. I told beautiful Katie.

“You are the sweet wine to set my mind free and the fire in the cold night to warm
my body and spirit.

You will have Paris and I will have you.”


The train ride to Paris

We took the train to Paris. The easy morning train left Stuttgart at 8 am.
She worn a silk blue blouse and a knee-high skirt. Her full breasts shown proudly
through the thin material.

She asked me. “Johnnie, do you think I’m sexy? Am I beautiful? Comes a line of no return, my lover.” She took my hand to her legs and she opened her legs enough for my hand to enter into the tenderness of warm flesh and she closed her legs tightly. She gave me a smile of I need you now. I saw in her eyes her want and her demand. She whispered. “Don’t stop lover, I need to fall into your touch. I want to feel alive.”

Sweet Katie told me as I caressed her wetness as she moved with my fingers, her aroused vagina moving and trying to grasp hand and fist. “Baby, can’t control the sea. Can’t control the wind and you cannot control the want of a free woman. I want to know no limits. Love is a million mile journey. Good to be the prey or sometime be the predator. Softness will lead to hardness. Gentleness will lead to the want to test the body and increase the excitement. I need your hands and lips upon me now. Make me feel your need and want now!”

She leans against me as I increased the speed and the movement of my hand. She closed her eyes as I entered into the warmth of her tender womb. She kissed my neck and whispered. “Thank you Johnnie for Paris. Paris is where I need to be. My wanton spirit need the old city. I want you to take me by the Seine river. I want you to lift my skirt up and for you to enter me with great force and want. I want us to make the ancient spirits jealous for we have found dangerous love where we are not bounded by rules of locked doors and stable sex. I don’t want stable sex. I want to be locked-ups, ties-up and be force into places of no return.’

Sweet Katie gave me slow and sweet kisses. She opened her eyes and her breathing increased till she released her desperation breath into my willing mouth. She pulled my hand away and she brought my hand to her lips. She kissed each finger and she told me. “You play me like a skilled piano-man. Knowing how to make me feel free and wild.’

I told her. “You are my everything. Everything is you. You make my imagination dance into wild and elastic dreams. The wisp of your memory, your face and thinking of you laying nude under sheets of silk. Leave me wanting more and more of you my beautiful love.”

Katie looked out the window. Paris was in view now. Katie reached over and she kissed me one. She kissed me twice and she told me. “Thank you for Paris.”

I did a silence prayer. I knew she wanted Paris and I wanted her near. I thanks the spirit of life and death for her and the city of Paris.

City of lights

We would arrive in Paris before the noon hour. Katie was content watching Paris grow larger from the view of the train window. She smiled and winked at me and she asked me. Do you think I’m a wicked woman? I have surrender freely to the wanton need of my body and give myself without fear or regret?

I told her. We are tricking the Gods. The Gods want us to be sedated and cold-heart in the emotion of passion. They want us to fear their golden rules and hide the need of the flesh. They want us to locked our doors and know the missionary position only. Trying to make us forget we are flesh and bones needing to awake every senses we can control. My eyes see you and I want to take you now. I want to taste your skin, your lips. My hands want to caress your inner thighs, gentle tickling you softly and try to make you wish for more. I want to smell your hair and sweet scent of your perfume on soft and willing skin. I want to hear your voice whispering. I need you Johnnie now. The Gods fear we will know what ecstasy is. They want us to forget them. Become like tamed and locked-up beast.

Katie smiled and went to her knees and she asked me. “Do the Gods sleep? I wondered. Or were they dead?” I told her. The Gods do not sleep. Men believe they are wiser and stronger than the Gods. In the end. All men bow and pray for regret and sorrow. They burn incense seeking forgiveness. That is the trickery of the Gods. They always win.

Katie laid her head into my lap and then she looked up and asked. If the Gods always win. Why do we try to taste any kind of victory? Are we doomed to die and meet the Gods? I caressed her face and I told her. We are playing with a loaded deck. We can’t win but if we twist and turn the game around. Don’t follow the golden rules. The Gods hate when we are blindfolded to their will. When we don’t use their paradoxes of false rules and the prisons of dead-ends. Look around us. The next cabin sits two people. They are locked in silence. She is still a beauty and he is still a good-looking man. Now they sit across from each other with silence. They are dead in love. The Gods made them pacifist and worn out. They forgot the inner desire that made them fall in love. Dead love is no love. They are just waiting for the sad ending. Missionary sex and no laughter.

Katie smiled and told me. I want to wear my short skirt tonight and my new silk blouse. I want the Paris gentle breezes to make my body come alive. You promised me a Midnight walk by the river. I want you to take me at your will. I’m yours and you are mine. I kissed her once, I kissed her twice.

I told her tonight we make the Gods jealous. Make them realize some of us are still free from their prisons of thoughts and control. Not afraid of tender skin and the want of the body. We don’t need locked doors to hide how much I need you my beautiful Katie. I want us to climb to the topmost peaks of love,to know the elixir of your sweet kiss. I want us to go love-mad where we are free and we can’t return to who we are.

Katie took my hands. She kissed each one and she told me. Thank you for Paris, my city of lights. I feel the fire burning inside my body. I want us free and wild my lover. I won’t allow the Gods to win. We will play Master and slave. Predator and prey. I will allow you to control me and make me feel adored and wanted. We are free to drink French wines and we stay nude in the hotel room. Only get dressed, to roam the old city.

I wrapped my arms around her. I did a silence prayer. She wanted Paris. I wanted her. I thanks the Gods for being kind. Being merciful for two lovers in the city of lights.

Paris days and nights


We took a taxi the Hotel Devillas. I picked the hotel because it was in walking distance of the River Seine. Had many places Katie wanted to visit. The hotel was beautiful. We had a view of the main street.

“Old city, blessed city
The city of light
Paris is ancient and wise
Had seen days of glory and defeat.
The city is swimming with old spirit of the world past.
The Paris nights bring out the lover seeking reunite and
the spirits seeking peace.

Old city, haunted city.
Where new lovers come to find the energy and turbulence
of wild and free love.

Trying to create a love for the ages.
Make the old gods jealous.
Few will touch and know.”

We left the hotel quickly. Beautiful Katie wanted to see the Universities and the garden of Luxembourg today. She was dancing through the streets of the Latin Quarters of Paris. I adored her as she drank in the ancient city. I walked close to her. I saw she was in her element and I didn’t want to displease her with useless talk. I enjoyed the ancient cities also. Each city having their own personalities and charm.
Paris was haunted to me. She had knew many wars and sicknesses. She had withstood time as a monument to what men and women could survive. The city flourished today.
Holding the past and modern time with politeness. Katie came to me and she gave me long and sweet kisses by the River Seine. She whispered. Thank you for Paris and understanding me. I told her. She made Paris more beautiful with her present. You make the old Gods jealous they cannot embrace you.

She laughs at my words and danced on the old steps in the Latin Quarters. no-one noticed her. Paris made people careless and the heart bold. No need to subdue emotion and want in the city if lights. Better to be wild, to sing the song of love. Be reckless and bare your heart without regret.

I found my cafe. The Cafe Les Deux Magot. Hemingway and Picasso had drunk their wine here and celebrated being alive once. I wanted to sit with Katie. See what Hemmingway saw with her. Katie eyes were alive with joy and beauty. I ordered sweet red wine and we watched the people calmly walking by. I didn’t talk. Words are sometimes not needed. I poured the wine and we touched wine glasses. I toasts to Paris, to love and for her being with me.

She held my hand tightly and she asked. When are we going back to the hotel. I want to strip bare and I want you to join me in the sheets of silk. I want to make you feel wanted and appreciated. I want you to know delight and embrace. I want to feel your kiss, make you go mad with want and need. I want us to be overtook by the energy of this city. I want madness and desperate days and nights of lovemaking.

I kissed her hand and I told her. The hotel is near. Let’s buy some good wine and wander back to the hotel. Today we will make the old city jealous. Unbounded love is what I want. I want to see you smile, content. You are my sweet dream. Katie gave me a coy smile and she told me.

The city of lights is ours. Tonight we have Paris. I have you and I want us to stay awake to want and anguish. No fasting tonight my Johnnie.

She wanted Paris and I wanted her. “Paris at dusk,”

We stood by the River Seine. I embraced my Katie and she held my hand against her chest. Her eyes were dreamy and her faint smile told me she was content. She asked me. How many lovers stood on this bridge? How many people had crumble to the spirit of the ancient city? Allowing their fears of love to flee and abandon their refrain to hide their enter secrets and wants?

I told her. The taboo of new world fear can blind the people who do not believe in love. We must eat away from the past and open new doors and places for the hope and the comfort of love. The ritual of love is simple. We must open doors of the unknown and be fearless. Love should be free like a running river without restraint or rules. She smiled and asked. How far away are we from the hotel? I told her we are very near and we must buy some good wine. We found an open wine and liquor store. Katie spend on hour selecting some sweet red wine and some French cognac. The wine store had a warehouse of good wine. Katie was in paradise and she read each bottle looking at place of birth and age. I sat near the front door and drank espresso. I paid for two bottles of wine and the cognac. We walked back to the hotel holding hands like young lovers overtaken by love. She would stop and give me a gentle kisses than keep walking. The dusk was coming and Katie was feeling the tiredness of the long train ride and the long walk throughout the city of lights.

We arrived at the hotel. I took a shower and Katie stayed by the window. The city of Paris was coming alive. The city lights were bright and glorious. Katie was in heaven. She watch the night people come alive to roam the cafes and the dance clubs. She dropped her dress and listen to the running water. Her mind didn’t want sleep. She needed a triple espresso and no sleep tonight. She wanted to join the people of Paris. Feel the energy of the night. She came to me in the shower. She stood behind me and wrapped her arms around me. She began to bite my neck and kiss my ears. She rubbed her soft body against me. She asked me. I want to do a midnight walk. Find a triple espresso and a dark night club. I want me and you to inhale the city into our lungs. Fall to her mystery. I want us to share kisses by the Seine River and for me to lift my dress and you to take advantage of me. She left me wanting more and she went back to her window. I finished the shower thinking of my beautiful Katie.

I came out of the bathroom and I saw Katie standing nude by the window. The small night-light showed me her perfect body. A woman body, curves and strong legs made me stop and gazed at her. She was seizing the city up and I didn’t want to interrupt her peace and happiness. I sat on the bed and adored her form. The night light making her look like a waiting goddess or muse. I was in paradise. I knew rarely does a woman allow you in to her place of comfort. Allow you to know their strength and weaknesses. She turned to me and she waved me to come over to her. I went to her. I wrapped my arms around her cupping her breast and kissing her neck. She moved her body closer against me. She was tying to make us become one. Her warm skin enticed my want and I tried to bring her closer. I kissed her shoulders and neck and I whispered. I want to be forever to be lost in the bliss of your kiss and embrace. She reached her right hand to my groin area. Slowly caressing my groin area. She raised her butt up and she put my penis into her warmth of her body and pushed her ass tightly against me . We stood and held the embrace. She began to move with a slow pace and she whispered. We must hurry my lover.
I want the triple espresso and this night had just began.


John Coyote/John Castellenas