She wanted Paris and I wanted her

She wanted Paris and I wanted her — Chapter 6-10

I watched her dress slowly. She knew I like when she dressed for me. She wore a long red dress that covered her nude legs to protect her from the chill of the Paris night. Her shoulders were free to be seen in the neck-less dress. I observed her with an artist vision. Her perfect curves and body made me know. She had Paris and I had her. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. She put her sweater on and a red scarf. She told me. You promised me a night walk through the city of lights. Are you ready? I slipped on my shoes and we wandered out to the city of Paris.

I like the Latin Quarter. It was filled with life and activity. Even with the chill in the air. We walked toward the Seine River. A lot of people were walking and the city was filled with energy and hope. Most of the people smiled at us and gave silence hello. Each with their lover and having places and plans to accomplished. We heard music by the river. Three young Russians students were playing violins, guitar and singing. They had a cowboy hat for donations. We walked up and tossed some money into the cowboy hat and they asked for any request. I asked for Pretty woman. A song for my Goddess friend. They smiled and told us. Your wish is our comment. They played the song with skill as me and Katie found a nearby bench to sit and listen. Katie asked can we sit here and listen for a minute. I like them. They are the reason Paris is alive and well. The Gypsy spirit will never leave the city. I smiled and I gave her a kiss. I said anything you want. The next four days are for you. You made me want to be alive again. I want to see you smile and content. She sat close to me leaning her body near and whispered. Thank you my lover. I brought out my pen/paper and I wrote some words.
Les Deux magot

I wished I drank with Mr. Hemingway.
He knew the good wine and strong alcohol.
I wonder did he meet ladies of mystery here.
Did he write the great book here drinking his wine?
I sit with my lover today and I wonder.
What would Hemingway do today in Paris?


The red scarf

My beloved love her red scarf.
My gift to her on our third date.
I remembered she wrapped the scarf around her shoulders.
Did a dance stripping her clothing off for me. She fell to the floor, taking off the red scarf and she whispered,
as she wrapped the scarf around my back and brought my face to her face.
She told me this red scarf will make you dream of me forever.
She was right.
Beautiful Katie

Beautiful Katie knew.
My heart was dead. She gave me sweet whispers of hope with her gentle voice.
Made me dream and learn I was worthwhile.
She taught me. We must feel needed to be alive.
Her gestures of love made a neglected heart come alive.
Intangible hunger and dreams brought two together.
Dreams of splendor and faint smile of joy.
Leave the old Poet hoping and dreaming for more.


City of lights

Endless energy and reflection of old and new.
Leave the city of life, safe from the naysayers of love.
Love is free and never diminish in the cradle of ancient myth and modern love.
Dear Paris. She lay bare her secrets and new lovers lay new exposure to where love is free and safe.
A domain for the wild in spirit and the brave in heart.
Thank you City of lights for allowing lovers to find peace and joy in your arms.


Katie told me. No more writing Johnnie. You promise me some real wildness tonight. We are here to express what people in closed and locked doors cannot understand. We must work hard to keep passion alive and well. No sissies in the game of love. I want bold, untamed love. I want you to take me at-will. I will you to remember me. I want to be your last and first thoughts. You are my lover and I’m your lover. I want you to dream of me when you are away and I want you to yearn for me when I’m near. I want not to refrain and hold secrets. Tell me everything you need and I will tell you what I need. I reached over and kissed beautiful Katie. I told her. I have you now and this is what I need.

The city of lights

Katie looked beautiful. She was dancing to the music of the street musicians. Her eyes were a-glowed with joy and happiness. I sat on a bench near the Seinte River. The night had a chill in the air and Katie wasn’t affected. The city of Paris was lite-up. The city of lights was alive and well at the midnight hour. We had added layered of clothing to stay warm. There was a gentle breeze tonight and it was a good night to roam the ancient city.

I went to her standing near the bridge and I told her. I needed a triple espresso or Johnnie will fall asleep. She smiled and she agreed. She gave me many long warm and sweet kisses and took my hand and we wandered back into the city. We found a cafe that served wine and coffee. We ordered two triple espresso and we sat in silence watching the night people of Paris walking the busy streets. She asked me. Would Paris be a place to live-in? Or is Paris just myth and dreams alive in heart and mind?

I told her. I have the city of lights when I have you near. You make my days and night come alive.You are my wild child in heart and spirit. You make me want to dance, sing and drink. Celebrate being alive. With you I want to be nude and free. Leave the prison of real life and be what I need to be. She smiled and asked. Do you like when you are the master? Do you like control? Does my body make you know madness with want and need? I kissed her my Katie and I told her.

You are the fire and I’m the wood wanting to know the heat of your body near. I love when you allow me to enjoy your perfect body. You are my masterpiece. When I touch your skin and awake your body. You create a eruption of unending madness. The more I’m in your embrace.The more I need to find you. Master or slave. Your face, the softness of your skin and the hunger of us trying to quiet our want and need. You are everything to me and I’m someone when we become one. I love when I embrace you and stay inside you till the morning light. It is like we found a sanctuary of of true and free love.

Katie drank downs the espresso and she told me. Love is costly Johnnie. You have made great promises. I hope you are not a speaker of false words. Tonight we are tire. Tomorrow morning we will lock the door and leave a do not disturb sign upon the door. I have brought my special negligee, toys and I will demand payment.Tonight we will roam the city and the new coming day. We will stay in the hotel room till 3pm. Johnnie, the lovers prayer is simple. You make love till you cannot no-more.

Katie took my hands, kissed them and she told me. Thank you for Paris and sweet dreams.

Night conversation

We walks till 3 am. We follow the walkways of the night people of Paris. Having no planned destination. Just wandering and hoping for something new and wonderful to see. In the ancient city of Paris. The beauty of the old city will steal your heart and mind with old buildings and beautiful art where-ever the eye could see. We had to take the a taxi back to the hotel. Katie sat close to me. We held silence most of the night. Her eyes and mind was swimming in the amazing scenery of the city of lights..

At the hotel. She stripped down and she went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. I followed her the bathroom and I did the same. Coffee can be very good, it can leave you with a bad taste in mouth. I stood behind her. I watched her perfect body. I told her. You are perfect. Your curves and soft skin make me thankful for you needing me. She turned around and gave me sweet kisses and held me tightly. She whispered. By you needing me, make me want to eat you alive and never allow you to leave my life.

I stripped off my clothing and I joined Katie on the soft bed. I sat on the bed and brought her legs across my lap. I caressed her tire calves and I told her. I want to be inside you. I want to know your enter thoughts and what make you want to live. I want to hear your voice and drift into your skin, eyes and thoughts. I have lofty dreams of you with me forever. You are my Winter love, my Spring hope and my Summer joy. I want us to have 50 seasons of Fall for me to know who you are and ensure you are content. I want us to share espresso on the cold nights and drink icy drinks of Long Islands and margarita in the dead days of heat. She smiled and she questioned me. Inside me? I told her many ways to be inside a person. I want to know if you are sad or content. I want to know if you want dance, quiet time or to make love. I want to know the landscape of your body. I want to caress your skin and know every secret place. You are my joy and energy. I dream of your kiss and embrace in sweet dreams. I awake and I’m honored having your soft and tender body holding me tightly.

Katie smiled and I saw myself in the reflection of her eyes. She told me. You are my Paris, you turn my nights to field trips into rocky and wild places. I love the way you want me to know pleasure over the need of yours to fall into quick and instant satisfaction. You are my day splendor. I love the gift of flowers and how you pay attention to my simple needs and wants. You make me feel important and needed. You look at me with love. I love when you caress my skin and whisper sweet nothings. You are my sweet dream too Johnnie.

I brought her feet up. Kissed her knees and caressed her stomach and breasts. I told her. We must find sleep or we will waste Paris tomorrow. Her eyes were shining and she told me. Thank you for Paris and sweet dreams. I held her legs tightly against me and told her. You wanted Paris and I wanted you. You have become a sweet dream to a once dying man.

Katie thoughts

The city of lights fell to the morning dawn. Katie held a tight embrace watching the morning sun rise. She needed to feel Johnnie near. She knew he was insane and crazy. He was walking a tight-rope with no safety net. She was keeping him balanced and safe. She remembered where they met six months ago. She had found him on the early bus to Vienna, Austria. She was living in Stuttgart and working. He was sitting alone writing poetry. She sat next to him and she asked him. Was it okay for me to sit with you? He smiled and shook his head in agreement. It was a cold day in Germany today. She wore a sweater and long dress. She knew he gave her a deep look and he smiled. Returning to his journal. She touched his shoulder and introduced herself. I’m Katie from London. He took her hand and held it. He told her. My name is Johnnie. A AWOL soldier escaping to the border. She laughed and she asked him why was he traveling alone? He smiled and told her. All his friends were drunks, don’t like the morning sun. I like to test the wines of Europe. Vienna is my favorite city. A lot of wine to taste and friendly people. She smiled and told him. My friends are the same. No-one is an early riser. She gave her best English smile and asked him. You can be my chaperon today. Keep me safe? He smiled and agreed. He told her. It would be my honor to escort a beautiful English lady. She smiled and told him. Flattery will get you everywhere. She asked him what was he writing? He looked into her blue eyes and told her. Just words no-one will read. Poetry and story for peace, love and hate. She reached over and kissed his cheek. She told him. I write poetry and story too. She fell asleep into the four-hour journey leaning against him. He wrapped his arm around her. She felt safe with him. In Vienna, she held his hand and he treated her with respect. They returned to Vienna almost every Saturday for many months. He would read her poetry and edit them. They would discuss writers and seek ancient places to see and take some photos. He found out her love for Paris in her poetry. She loved how he looked at her. She felt rare and beautiful in his eyes.

She learned from his friends. He wasn’t seeking the right things. He volunteered for every dangerous mission. He was walking a dangerous line. He didn’t fear death. He was looking for it. He didn’t believe in love once. He told her . Love promises were made to be broken. She knew she opened a place closed for many years.


The city of Paris was coming alive. She heard the movement of people in the hotel and outside. She kissed his forehead and she whispered. Johnnie, almost the noon hour. He turned around and he kissed her. He moved down toward her breast. He leaned against her breasts and grasp her butt, fell asleep again. She held him close and remembered him telling her. I was successful in business once. Two brothers committed suicide made me change my life. I sold and gave everything away. War started and I wanted an escape. War allowed you to escape and find new reasons to live. I needed real reasons to be alive. She held him like a baby. She knew people were built on sand, not rock. Can easily be moved or destroyed by a delicate wind.

He awoke and he kissed her salty skin and moved to her lips of old red wine. He whispered, we need a long shower and to brush our teeth my lovely. Katie gave him a deviant smile and told him. We have an old European bathtub. We can shower first and soak in the large bathtub. He gave her his big Michigan smile and told her. Your pleasure is my pleasure. Katie was a European woman. Her body with perfect curves and womanly body. He told her often. Woman need meat on their bones. Give a man something to digest and hold. I love your legs and thighs. When you walk the allure of your amazing legs and the movement of your hips make me want to steal you away and make love to you till we cannot move no-more.

“Then shall thy circling arms embrace and clip my naked body, and thy balmy lip. Bathe me in the juices of your kisses, whose perfume like a religious incense shall consume.”
Thomas Carew

“I will enjoy thee now, my Celia, come and fly with me to love’s Elysium.”
Thomas Carew


He washed her softly and slowly. The heat of the water and the tenderness of the touch left her weak and content. Using his hands he spread from feet to upper back the soap. Paying attention to very part of her body. He paid attention to her legs and butt. She allowed him to treat her like a Goddess. She knew he loved her and he wanted her to feel needed and alive. She turned around and he kissed her stomach. He began washing each foot with care. Ensuring his slow movement enticed her skin. He slowly move to calves and perfect legs. He soaped up her breasts. He washed them and teased them with pinch and touch. She whispered Johnnie. If you are not careful. May have to skip the bath. Johnnie told her. We have five more days in Paris. Time to do everything you want. She smiled and told him. It is my turn my lover. Johnnie told her. After I wash you hair and I will be yours. He washed her auburn hair with flowery shampoo. She turned to him. Bringing her body close. She whispered. Thank you for Paris and being with me.

She wanted Paris and I wanted her

“Then shall thy circling arms embrace and clip my naked body, and thy balmy lips. Bathe me in juices of kisses, whose perfume like a religious incense shall comsume”
Thomas Carew


I held her close in the warm bubbly water. Katie was in a deep meditation. I watched her and she opened her eyes slowly. She asked me. Where do we go from here? Will I make you content tomorrow, next week or next year? Am I enough to keep safe and sound? I kissed her neck and her face and I told her. We can go as far as you want. You are my wall of safety in the wild and crazy world. You are my place to rest. I can be weak and strong with you. I want to be the same for you. You are my only sweetness and kindness I know. I yearn to see you as soon as I close the door and leave for work. I want to hold you again. My goal is to make you know you are my joy and my happiness.

She touched my lips with her fingers and she told me. Word mean little honey. I need solid evident. You must carry me to the silk sheets and make me beg for mercy. You must show me I’m everything to you. I’m your world and only pleasure.

I kissed my sweet Katie. I lifted her out of the bathtub. I slowly dried her with a large towel from beautiful feet to hair gently. I caressed and kissed her soft skin and enjoyed the view of her perfect body. I caressed the curves of her womanly body with gentle touch and appreciation. I dried myself off and I picked her up. I pick her up and I carry her to the bed. I gently release her to the sot bed and we fell together upon the bed. She gave me many tender sweet kisses and she whispered. Thank you for Paris my love.

La petite mort, Little death -She wanted Paris and I wanted her.

Katie got up and went to the window. The city was lite-up. Her nude body seems dreamy and perfect in the incoming light of the city of lights. I put in the Leonard Cohen tape. The voice of Leonard whispered secret tales and story. She turned and danced slowly and I watched her body move slowly to the ghostly voice of the songs. Her full hips and robust breast moved with the words. She made me dream of her kiss and her body near. I knew, I was lucky. When a woman give you everything and allowed you into her secret places. A true gift rarely given.

She told me. “I want to dance nude on the balcony. Will you allow me to open the doors and dance?” I whispered dear Katie. 36 degrees outside my love. You will get sick and mess-up our time here in Paris.” She made a sad face and she told me. ” You could make me warm. Bring the blanket to me and embrace me. We will dance for the gods of the old city. Two naked bodies showing the Gods. Love is alive and well in the city of Paris tonight.” I held the blanket close and I went to her. She went to the ground and embraced me. Forcing her breast against my penis, moving them slowly against me. She kissed my stomach and she asked. “When we explode with excitement. Is it La petite mort, the small death? Or us touching the utopia of paradise where few can know my darling?’

I touched her face and I whispered. “I believe true lovers make the anticipation of  La petite mort worthwhile. Ensure the ending is worth the journey. I believe we must drift slowly into places and make every movement, caress and kiss inflamed the interlacing of two people. Passion need lovers, not someone seeking ending before beginning”

Katie smiled as my excitement of her warm breast against her making me come alive. She felt the hardness against her skin and she told me. “It is time Johnnie. Time to open the doors and you and I to embrace for the moon and the stars. She rose up and turn her back against me. I wrapped the blanket around her. We walked to the door and I opened the doors. The cold air made our embrace tighten. We went to the balcony ledge and I held her tightly, watched her eyes sparkle with joy and happiness. She reached her hand to my penis and slowly forced me into the warmth of her vagina. She danced a slow movement as I kissed her neck, face and lips. Her gentle rocking held me tightly and I grasped her breasts as we moved in a dance for the Paris Gods of the night. The cold seem far away as I watched her eyes. Her soft and beautiful face near was dreaming of long dance and never-ending love. I wanted her content and held my excitement till she fell against the railing of the balcony. She turned to me and she told me. “Time to close the doors dear  lover and finish what we started.”

We closed the doors and ran to the soft bed. Grasping the covers and holding each other tightly. She kissed me often and she felt my body not content yet. She smiled and whispered. “How dare you make me happy and You haven’t found the proper ending yet. Are you teasing and pleasing me tonight, dear lover?  I told her. We must play slave and master. Giver or receiver. Tonight I can wait. Dear Katie, you are my muse, lover and friend. I told you already.  La petite mort is worth the trip if two lovers want to reach the same place. Katie straddled me and she laid her head in my chest and she whispered. I love you Johnnie.

Coyote/John Castellenas