Powerful and needed words by a talented writer.

Ellie belfiglio


He looks but doesn’t see.

He talks but doesn’t speak.

He listens but doesn’t hear.

Around his dark eyes is a blue circle.

His heart is all about sad confusion.

He is always searching;

Searching for his lost soul;

Searching for his lost world.

Maybe is here or there or nowhere.

He doesn’t know it is inside himself.

He is gloomy, heavy hearted.

He weeps.

He says he is tired of searching.

He comes and goes.

He comes and sits.

Sits on the floor.

He leans of the wall.

He looks bewildered.

He talks restlessly.

He has all these books.

Grammer, conversation, sentence structure.

He says if he doesn’t learn English he’ll return.

He is an immigrant.

I am his niece!! …



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