The SECRET They Are Not Telling You…

Please read the powerful words of a talented writer.

Wondrous Universe

I came across this mind-blowing short film today and just had to put my thoughts together and put it out for all to see. I recommend watching the video first and reading my piece after so you can authentically feel and ponder on your own thoughts and feelings. Please, in the comments below let me know the thoughts and ideas that came to mind while watching.

They rip out your heart, your brain so you cannot think. So you cannot feel.

Letting this unknown power be in control.

You think you’re safe?

You’re not.

They use you and you don’t even know it. You’re in a box they designed specifically for you.

You float around mindlessly. Time passes on quickly.

You make it go by fast, you can’t stand this miserable life. Floating till your death.

Though you’ve been dead for years inside, now your physical body follows.

Fake happy, don’t…

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