Beneath The Ivory, White Snow

Please read the amazing work of a talented writer.

This winter, as of late, has found itself to lag a bit longer
Cradling a chilling whisper captivated between the frozen winds, and the ice crystals kissing your fragile lips
Thereupon, a bit more your smile seems to be overly sweet, much more than a beloved clementine or sugar plums
For within a garden of time, beneath the ivory, white snow that drifts along the air, a rose made of diamond dust bloomed
Giving the world an enchanting rush proliferating beauty, personifying a wanderlust, converting I unto us

Creating magic and music, which evokes tales regarding fairies, so dancing to the sounds of your essence
And my, what blessings stemmed from your humble pretty petals calling forth snow-angels
Having whimsical divinities to elope within the hemispheres belonging thereof my sentimental mind

Paralyzed I have become…thusly, awe-inspired sighting the lovely attributes regarding your life,
A lily amidst a majestic hail storm…

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