Mother Tongue

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Ceelah's Joy

I speak my mother’s tongue

Her mother tongue is my mother tongue

It’s coconut milk

Salt and kava

Words that drip both smooth and blunt

My mother tongue

Ancestral tongue

Remember where you come from

These ocean tides

These current tides

Might swallow her tongue

Bury her tongue

Don’t abandon your tongue

Anchor your tongue

Your ancestors tongue

Your brown faced

Long haired

Daughter of the sacred south

Speak your tongue

Your mother tongue

Hold onto her tongue

Your mother

Your father

Are embedded in this ancestral tongue

Don’t sever their tongue

Reclaim it

Own it

How can you reclaim something that was never yours?

I lost my mother tongue before I left my mother’s womb

She was brown skinned

In a foreign land

Wavy haired

In a foreign land


In a foreign land

Her tongue was foreign

I was raised foreign

Severed tongues

My lips were sewn shut

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