You saw, You never witness 

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.


You saw,

A girl wearing a dress so red

You turned her into poetry

With words of a wishful thinking

Though completely unknown

Of her life and love

You said,

You saw her

Waiting on a bridge

Thinking she was sunset

But she is everything

For that boy whose life smells same as her

You never witness

Miracle they are living

Tears no longer leave them dry

As they have found their missing counterparts

With so many hurdles

Only to end up in curves of each other

I can’t even begin to telling you

How their days are spent

In longing as vaporizing earth in summer

For an embrace from rain

Their union is as beautiful like

When night knock on door on dawn

You wanted to stop her

Only to never let her go

Weren’t aware that she is not single entity

For he constantly courses through her veins

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