You Still Don’t Know Why

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Musings Of An Autistic Mind

You can’t stop the feeling

of systems shutting down

when the rage overcomes you

all contained in a single sound

the pressure has been building, for years on end

but you love your family, so you remain silent

you cross paths with newfound friends

you work in diligence, and calmly blend in

but your soul knows you’ve sinned

at least I do

I know what the tingling feels like

when you can’t take anymore

I know the heat of the moment

when you wish people would let go

let you go

to the winds of your condition

and the fantasy of doctor’s predictions

prescriptions only work for the well read

not the well bled

these words are the scars

to the never ceasing wound

prodding my body to heal with pain

and pleasure, but it hardly responds

it was shocked

and still is

you still don’t know why I did

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